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About 1 South West

The 1 South West project is about ensuring you have great off-road cycling adventures in some of Britain’s most beautiful countryside.

We want you to feel good and share great times across the south west.  Whether you explore alone or with family and friends, an off-road cycling adventure is yours to create.  1 South West provides the information to help you plan and enjoy great adventures time and again.

Off Road Cycling

1 South West is creating an off-road cycling region for people to enjoy adventurous off-road cycling and progress their riding with confidence.  Adventurous off-road cycling complements the beach holidays, stately homes, surfing and walking that you can already enjoy across the region, and gives you another option of what to do.  As an activity it can be enjoyed throughout the year, and there’s nowhere better to get your fresh air on a wet and windy day than in the depths of a forest, sheltered from the worst of the elements.


We believe the best way to help you enjoy adventurous off-road cycling is through promoting a ‘ladder’ of progression based on your existing ability.  Everyone is already somewhere on the ladder, even if you are an absolute beginner on the bottom rung!  Recognising your existing capabilities and your next level of progression allows you to choose your adventure with confidence.  We provide information to help you tailor your adventure to your skill level.

Why 1SW?

We are often asked why the project is called 1 South West?  Well for starters it’s easy to remember!  The project stems from a report that concluded the region needs to co-ordinate it’s development of off-road cycling.  We aim to make one recognisable region for high quality adventurous off-road cycling – 1 South West.

More than Mountain Biking

We are aware that many people are likely to be put off by the term ‘mountain biking’ because of the images they already associate it with.  We want to encourage new people and complete novices into this activity, not just provide a facility for people who are already confident riders.  Therefore we don’t call this a mountain biking project because many of the trails we promote are not true mountain biking, they are too easy to be called ‘true’ Mountain Biking.

1 South West is a true partnership.  Find out more about the Partners and Funding involved in making it happen.

The 1 South West Project comes to a close on 31st December 2013.

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