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Q – What are the different types of off-road cycling?

Answer:  One of the real confusions with off-road cycling is the amount of different disciplines! For a good overview of many jargon terms check out this glossary.  We have used the term ‘adventurous off-road cycling’ to encompass complete beginners as well as mountain bikers.

Mountain Biking is now quite a generic term for general off-road cycling.

Cross-country describes general riding off road

Downhill often involves very steep descents and drops, pushing the bike back to the top.

Freeride is a more technical form of cross country with more challenging terrain and often drops and jumps.

Trials is a very specialist area of cycling, where the aim is to conquer difficult challenges through balance and control. Very entertaining to watch!

Q – Can I cycle on Public Rights of Way?

Answer:   Yes, except on footpaths. On legal routes e.g. Public Bridleways please respect all other users and anticipate horses and walkers around every corner.  For more information on public rights of way visit the IPROW website.

Q – I have young children so I don’t want to ride on the road, what are my options?

Answer:  Firstly the road is not as dangerous as you may think, you just need to be aware of how to manage your children. However off-road riding often has a softer landing and is more relaxing for riding with young children.  Read about Trail Grading first and consider which type of trail suits you best, then seek out the best trails for you using our Adventure Cycle Map.

Q – I have just started cycling, what kind of bike is suitable for road use as well as some light off-road cycling?

Answer:  In your situation many people would go for what is called a hybrid bicycle, a cross between a mountain bike and a road bike.

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