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Your Adventure

We want you to have a great adventure in the South West of England.  Read on to find out how we can help you…

Trail Essentials

The Trail Essentials guide gives you the important things to know before you head out on your bike.  Please read and enjoy it.  The 1 South West Project promotes legal, sustainable and responsible riding only.  The future development of off-road cycling in the south west is in your hands – treat it carefully and it will grow!


To have a truly enjoyable experience it is really important to match a cycling adventure with the skill, knowledge and fitness level of the people taking part – we can’t stress this enough!  We provide you with information to use in deciding which adventures you will enjoy, and which you will leave for another day!

Take a look at the categories we have provided and see which one you feel you fit into.  Then have a look at which grades of trail we would recommend for your experience level.

Trail Grading

Off-road cycling uses a colour Trail Grading system to show the severity of trails.  We’ve provided some short videos on what each grade of trail looks like.

When riding in groups or as a family it is key to ensure that everyone has an enjoyable day and the chances are you have a mixed range of abilities to cope with.  If this is the case look at our guides for Families or Mixed Groups to help you work out the best way to please everyone (or at least try!).

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