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Off-road cycling brings families together.

Each family member will have a different level of ability.  Your most important consideration is the least experienced member of the family, and ensuring that the ride is within their capabilities. More experienced members of the family should understand this and be happy to ride a trail that doesn’t overly challenge them if this means they get the enjoyment of sharing the experience. They can also pass on their advice to the less experienced riders and help them improve – encouraging children to coach each other can be great fun!

The Trail Hubs with more than one grade of trail are ideal for taking a family.  You may decide that everyone will ride an easy trail together, then the more experienced riders can go on to ride a more challenging trail.

Look for Trail Hubs with a skills area where you can practice riding obstacles together. This way all the family can enjoy challenging themselves within their capabilities. 

When planning a Landscape Ride on public rights of way, always plan a route with short-cuts. This is especially important with a family. Choosing a ride that commits you to a long ride with few or no short-cuts can add stress if things don’t go entirely to plan. Good route planning will mean you are never too far from your starting point if the weather turns or a bike breaks, but you can ride all day and enjoy the stunning scenery if things go according to plan.

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