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Experienced Riders

As an experienced rider you will consider Mountain Biking as one of your main personal activities and pride yourself in your abilities.

You will have ridden off-road extensively and have developed your skills to a level where you can deal with the unexpected and handle very rough terrain, steep drops and considerable exposure at the side of a trail. You will ride a high-quality mountain bike capable of handling extremely harsh terrain, most likely with suspension at the front if not the rear of the bike.

Red or Black Trails

We would recommend that experienced riders looking for a challenge consider riding either Red or Black graded trails. Visit the Trail Grading Explained page to learn what trail grading is. Red grade trails are easier than black but are still true mountain biking trails requiring a high level of skill, ability and concentration. A good quality mountain bike is essential.

Be Careful

Intermediate riders contemplating Landscape Rides should be aware that trail conditions may have deteriorated since the route was surveyed. Landscape Rides tend to vary depending on weather conditions as many are un-surfaced. Landscape Rides will tend to suit Experienced riders who are already outdoor enthusiasts but are looking to explore on two wheels rather than on foot. Remember that the grading system refers to the technical challenge of the trail, not how long it is.

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