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Intermediate Riders

This is a broad category but does not include absolute beginners, or highly experienced mountain bikers seeking extreme trails.

Most competent cyclists will fit into this category, even if they don’t do a lot of off-road cycling.

Blue or Red

We would recommend that the trails you look at riding are graded either Blue or Red. Visit the Trail Grading Explained page to learn what trail grading is. Blue grade trails are easier than red and really are the start of true mountain biking in the grading scale. Blue grade trails are ideal for people who are competent on-road cyclists and looking to get into mountain biking. Red grade trails are more technical than blue trails and should only be attempted once you are very comfortable with blue grade trails. The surface is likely to be far more unpredictable, with physical obstacles and steep drops and climbs.

Be Aware

Intermediate riders contemplating Green, Blue, or Red graded Landscape Rides should be aware that trail conditions may have deteriorated since the route was surveyed.  Landscape Rides tend to vary depending on weather conditions as many are un-surfaced. Landscape Rides will tend to suit intermediate riders who are already outdoor enthusiasts but are looking to explore on two wheels rather than on foot. Remember that the grading system refers to the technical challenge of the trail, not how long it is. Therefore some Green and Blue and Red graded Landscape Rides will be technically suitable for a novice but may take a long time to ride.

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