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Novice Riders

OK, novice isn’t a nice word, but everyone has to start somewhere. Being honest about your current ability is the most important step to having a great adventure.

To classify as a novice rider the chances are you haven’t ridden a bike for a while or are not an overly confident rider. Fitness also comes into it; perhaps you don’t want to find yourself climbing steep hills. You may have never ridden a bike off-road.

Green or Blue

We would recommend that the trails you look at are graded either Green or Blue. Visit the Trail Grading Explained page to learn what trail grading is. Green grade trails are the easiest, and are suitable for complete beginners and those starting out. Blue grade trails should only be ridden by novice riders once you have experienced a few green trails and are confident that you want a bit more of a challenge.

For people who are learning to ride a bike then a Trail Hub or Promoted Route will offer a mostly car-free experience and should have a well-maintained surface throughout the year.

Be Aware

Novices contemplating Green or Blue graded Landscape Rides should be aware that trail conditions may have deteriorated since the route was surveyed. Landscape Rides tend to vary depending on weather conditions as many are un-surfaced. Landscape Rides will tend to suit novice riders who are already outdoor enthusiasts but are looking to explore on two wheels rather than on foot. Remember that the grading system refers to the technical challenge of the trail, not how long it is. Therefore some Green and Blue graded Landscape Rides will be technically suitable for a novice but may take a long time to ride.

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