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Trail Hubs

We have chosen the term Trail Hub to describe a location from which to enjoy adventurous off-road cycling. A trail hub will have one or more graded and way-marked off-road cycling trails available, along with useful facilities for the visitor.

These are destinations that you can visit and ride around. The whole purpose of a trail hub is to give you a guaranteed high quality experience.

Trail Hubs across the South West vary in the length and difficulty of trails available, and the facilities available. Not all Trail Hubs will have cycle hire, and not all will have more than one trail. By looking at the detailed information we provide on each Hub you can plan your visits with confidence.

The 1 South West Project is developing more Trail Hubs over the coming years, with all Hubs scheduled to be open by the middle of 2013. As these Hubs open their details will appear on the website so do sign up to our newsletter to keep up with developments.

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